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Tire Service

Tire Sales & Service

With so many types of tires to choose from, picking the right tire for your car or truck can be difficult. There are all-season tires, winter tires, summer tires, all-terrain tires and many different brands to consider. Selecting the right tire for your vehicle depends on what conditions you regularly drive in. If you frequently take your truck off-road, an all-terrain tire can give you better grip in muddy and rocky terrain. However, all-terrain tires can be noisy when driven on the road. Summer and winter tires are fairly self-explanatory, performing best in either warm or cold months, respectively. All-season tires are among the most common and are designed for normal, everyday driving conditions. For help selecting the best brand and type of tire for your vehicle or for transforming your ride with custom wheels and lift kits, talk to the experts at Kelowna Auto Care.

Tire Brand

At Kelowna Auto Care, we offer tire sales, service, mounting and balancing. We carry top-quality tire brands, such as:

Toyo Tires
BF Goodrich
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